Before your tanning appointment

Exfoliate and moisturize your skin a few days leading up to your tan.  However, no lotion should be on your skin for the appointment.

All hair removal should be done 24 hours prior to your appointment.  If using a razor, use a brand new one with no moisture strip.

Mani and Pedi's should also be done before the tan.  Make sure you take all of the lotion/oils off of your skin prior to your tanning appointment.

Wear lose dark clothing and flip flops to your appointment.

Alert your spray tanner if you have any skin conditions.

You can not get spray tanned if you have a sunburn.

After your tanning appointment

Do not get wet before the specified shower time, that includes sweating.

Do not apply makeup, deodorant, perfume or lotion/oils.

Do not touch hands or fingers to your body to avoid tan hands.

Wear lose long sleeve clothing

For your first shower rinse very thoroughly with only warm water. (no soap). Use your hands to guide the bronzer off your skin to prevent streaks.  The water should run completely clear before you get out of the shower.

After your first shower you can resume your normal routine but I recommend no lotion until your tan has fully developed. (about 24 hours)


How to best preserve your tan::

Moisturize moisturize moisturize!!!

Hydrate - drink plenty of water

Avoid excessive heat - sauna, hot showers, hot yoga, etc.

Use a fresh blade for shaving

Don't forget your SPF!!